Barcos Calypso has been the leader in Marine transport for the past 12 years. Barcos Calypso offers rentals and charters for private events and daily trips to Taboga Island. With a highly qualified and train crew and staff guarantee that you’ll enjoy your trip completely.

With 4 vessels equipped with great navigational systems and lifeguards, Barcos Calypso can accommodate most of your transportation needs.

Barcos Calypso complies with Panama’s Maritime Authority and the Panama Canal’s safety requirements.

¡Your event will be unforgettable!



Calypso Queen

Boat Information            
Max capacity of 140 passengers
Weight(Tons): 55.52
Length overall: 19.94
Beam: 5.6
End: 2.1
Lifeboat: 158
Life Jacket: 178

Calypso King

Boat Information            
Max capacity of 150 passengers
Weight(Tons): 65.64
Length overall: 20.52
Beam: 5.75
End: 2.35
Lifeboat: 192
Life Jacket: 209

Calypso Princess

Boat Information            
Max capacity of 90 passengers
Weight(Tons): 34.14
Length overall: 17.71
Beam: 4.68
End: 1.74
Lifeboat: 104
Life Jacket: 125

Calypso y Cumbia

Boat Information            
Max capacity of 35 passengers
Weight(Tons): 11.00
Length overall: 10.80
Beam: 3.70
End: 1.20
Lifeboat: 59
Life Jacket: 48

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursday
To Taboga: 8:30am
From Taboga: 4:30pm

To Taboga: 8:30am, 9:30pm
From Taboga: 3:00am, 4:30pm

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays
To Taboga: 8:00am , 10:30am , 4:00pm
From Taboga: 9:00am , 3:00pm , 5:00pm

  • Daily trips to Taboga Island
  • Rentals for Private events:  weddings, birthdays, sweet sixteens, trips around the bay, private parties
  • Chartes: to Taboga, Contadora, Taborcillo and Transists through the Canal


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